Hypnotherapy Sessions

At Hypnotherapy With Lily, we offer hypnotherapy treatment for various conditions and disorders. Our hypnotherapist, Lily, has helped thousands of people overcome difficulties with unique treatment plans currently being taught to other therapists throughout the UK and abroad.

Some of her hypnotherapy services revolve around:

Weight Loss: Reaching your desired, healthy weight does not have to be a dreadful process. At Hypnotherapy With Lily, our weight-loss program assists both men and women reach their weight-loss objectives.

Anxiety: Anxiety is the core cause of many psychological illnesses. Lily Rotaru’s hypnotherapy combines clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy to assist clients in overcoming their challenges.

Phobias: The list of phobias is extensive; however, spider and flying phobias are among the most frequent in the UK. Whatever your phobia is, treatment at Hypnotherapy with Lily will help you conquer it.

Confidence: Most people, to varying degrees, have a crisis of confidence at some point in their lives. With her adequate experience, Lily can help you manage this issue quickly if you suffer from everyday social anxiety. A few of her sessions will help you deliver that wedding day speech or face that interview board with ease.

Lily offers non-judgmental treatment of your psychological disorder using clinical hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy, and counseling techniques.

Standard Hypnotherapy Session 130 £
The session will last between 60 to 90 minutes
Smoking  Cessation 3 sessions 500£ + everyday support for the duration of 3 weeks
4 session package Weight Loss 500£ and + daily support to help you
Three sessions package 300 £, what you will receive with the three sessions package.
  • One to one treatment, we will work closely together to get results.

During the initial consultation, we learn a bit about you. I will ask some questions to build a better picture of what tools we can use to help you. And also find out what your hopes and goals are for the sessions.

Everyone is different.

Phobias can also be sometimes dealt with in one session maxim there sessions. Other conditions such as anxiety or depression generally require multiple sessions.

Cancellation Charge if less than 24 hrs’ notice is given for the cancellation of treatment 50% of the normal session fee will require before booking a new session.